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Schoolwide Learning Outcomes



All ALHS Students Will Graduate Ready for College and Careers.

Technical skills and content knowledge - Students will navigate the digital world, proficient in the use of computer and web-based software including word processing, social media, communication platforms, online learning, presentations, and spreadsheets.

  • Word processing and spreadsheets
  • Electronic communication and research
  • File storage
  • Use of presentation software*


Career Exploration and Assessment - Students will take two career assessments before graduation, helping them explore their strengths, interests, and post-secondary opportunities. Students will be exposed to career speakers from a variety of industrial sectors as well as have the opportunity to participate in career pathways.

  • exploring career opportunities
  • participating in Career Day


Employability Skills - Students will be exposed to internships, job-shadowing, and mentoring opportunities. Students will make presentations and understand the importance of punctuality, ethics, and organization in the business world.

  • capable of being trained for the job at hand
  • able to follow directions and procedures
  • able to communicate and collaborate with others*
  • punctuality
  • organization
  • responsibility, dependability, trustworthiness*


Learning Skills - Students will learn problem-solving skills, reading for understanding, and research methods and best practices.

  • communication skills, including making presentations*
  • computation and problem-solving skills*
  • research
  • interpretation
  • precision and accuracy
  • reading for comprehension, note-taking, test-taking


Life Skills - Students will learn financial principals and be prepared to make effective financial choices. Students will be computer and digitally literate, as well as effective communicators.

  • applying for financial aid and wisely funding education
  • applying for a post-secondary training or degree program*
  • resume’ writing
  • job application
  • interview skills
  • financial literacy
  • digital literacy and computer etiquette*
  • managing time
  • managing stress
  • grooming and appearance; free from drugs and alcohol; healthy*