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Guidance Office


Guidance Counselors

Classes of 2025 & 2027:
Last Names Counselor Extension
A-Gom Janine Houk 2041
Gon-O Isabel Hernandez 2045
P-Z Victor Solis 2043
Classes of 2024 & 2026:
Last Names Counselor Extension
A-Gi Leanna McConnell 2044
Gl-On Jacy Carbone 2040
Op-Z Jeanette Hooton 2042


Guidance Technicians

Guidance Technician Counselor Assigned Ext
Bertha Torres McConnell & Carbone 2050
Kristine Munoz Solis & Hooton 2052
Elida Orozco Hernandez & Houk 2051


School Psychologists & MFT

Name Role Phone
Amy Alfonso School Psychologist Ext 2007
Alex Covarrubias School Psychologist (909) 477-6900 Ext 2308
Jessica Lozano Associate MFT Ext 2309


Career Center/Aeries/Work Experience

Name Role Extension
Jodi Baird Career Center/ROP 2313
Sabrina Kurtz General Information/Aeries Tech 2056
Holly Anderson Work Experience/Copy Room 2008/2337



Visit your counselor’s Canvas Office for all counseling related needs, as well as current Academic and College/Career Resources.
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Student Release Policy

To check a student out during class time, parent/guardian should send a note to school with the student (stating the reason and time) or call at least one hour before the release time. The student will be released to the parent/guardian with appropriate identification. Student will only be released to parent/guardian, unless prior arrangements are made.
We appreciate it greatly if you call the guidance office in advance. This gives us time to send an office aide to your child’s class, complete an off-campus permit, and have him/her waiting when you arrive. Coming to the school to get your child without notifying us in advance means that you may have to wait (particularly if your child is in PE).