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Fall 2020 ALHS CSF Applications are available!

To apply, you must be a current ALHS Junior who is a new or returning CSF member, OR a current ALHS Senior who is a returning CSF member. Sophomores are eligible to apply in Spring 2021.


Seniors, in order to earn your CSF Life Member (Sealbearer), which enables you to wear the white cords at graduation, you must have at least 4 semester memberships, and one of those must come during Spring 2021 (so Senior year grades matter!).

Application Information - Fall 2020

Due Dates for Fall 2020
CSF Application deadline: Thursday, September 24 @ 3:30pm. Submit to the application portal below.
Community Service deadline: Thursday, December 3 @ 3:30pm. Submit to the application portal below.
CSF Dues deadline: TBA. You will pay your $5 dues online once your membership application has been approved and you have been notified.